Sometimes, people tend to neglect and ignore the beauty of what had once been whole but is now ‘broken’ or ‘distorted’ without fully perceiving the diamonds in the rough that had existed before the damage and overlooking the beauty now gone. I was once one of those people who overlooked and ignored what was hidden behind the broken pieces and blurred images. Upon being exposed to Francis Bacon, his style and approaches significantly influenced and inspired me to acknowledge how he changed the ways I perceive the world. To convey this concept of ignored beauty to the audience, I decided to use the theme ‘distortion,’ to impart what we miss through the false interpretations and assumptions of reality and the radical distortions our unwillingness to seek for the formally complete leave us with.
The particular medium I have been using are oil on canvas, combining with different technique of painting and scraping, strongly influenced by the works of Francis Bacon, Jaeyeol Han, and Henrietta Harris, and the delayed exposure photography technique of Ori Gersht. Their techniques appeal to me because of their uniqueness and the challenges involved in understanding them, and applying them my own interpretation the world’s reality. Francis Bacon’s paintings emphasize the inner emotions of rejection, both from family and society, therefore his works are translated from the pain and grudges he holds while under the influence of alcohol. Jaeyeol Han’s technique of illustrating the conflict between the abstract and concrete, accentuating gestures and movement by varying the levels of thickness of the paint textures to create the illusion of three dimensionality, similar to Francis Bacon with both using techniques that emphasize the idea of raw flesh being ripped out with the disconnected parts blended back together unexpectedly. Henrietta Harris demonstrates through the dreamy portraits to the moment of subject lost in thoughts with her usage of the delicately destroyed facial parts swiftly creating the incongruity behind the beauty of reminiscent thoughts and memories. Lastly, Ori Gersht expresses the beauty behind the horror, because when thoughts of explosions lead the audience to expect the war and loss, he uses flowers normally a metaphor for peace and beauty to balance out the tension and irony of the destruction and damaged anticipated. The main theme that consistently connects all of the artworks is ‘distortion,’ and the irony that beauty and perfection that can be viewed through the distortion and well as the ideal. This is done to show the audience the beauty that once was and still can be of even the most damaged object or person.
I am presenting my curatorial in a survey fashion divided and arranged by formal concerns: the works are organized by techniques and the artist models, which inspired me to pursue their innovation and include them in my work. I chose my presentation format as the works are categorized by mediums and the artists they are derived from in order to make my intentions approachable and obvious to the viewer. I will present the most. I strongly hope that the audiences to leave my exhibit more aware and open to the beauty of the seemingly non-beautiful. They should be able to consider and contemplate the perfection hidden by the scars of damaged and distortion through the experienced of perceiving my exhibition.
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