Each series indicates different stages in the human life cycle. ‘Blush,’ the beginning stage is when adrenaline is released, speeding the heart rate and dilating the blood vessels, sparking life. From another interpretation it could represent simply the colors of carnations with pink portraying youth, while red portrays the color of the blush as the child grows and learns of adult matters.

‘Descend’ represents the second life stage, the fall and the final end of innocence. Each object emphasizes how through the loss of innocence, people are torn apart and broken. Both glass and carnations are fragile, just as how vulnerable and frail humans are. As time passes, all aged, as shown by the flowers that are slowly decaying, serving as a metaphor for human life.

Relating to first two pieces of series, ‘Blush’ and ‘Descend’, ‘Hemorrhage’ depicts the blood that has been pumped up from blushing starting to leak out from the blood vessel as a result of the stage of falling apart. Symbolic of blood, the colors, pink and red, escape from the dying flowers creating a resemblance to a crime scene, denoting a total loss of innocence.

The paint ing i s based on the digi tal photographs from Series III: Hemorrhage, drawing from Francis Bacon’s technique of creating visible brush marks. The ends of each mark are soft and delicately accentuate how they slowly dissolve into the background. The black background not only darken the image, but also establishes deeper psychological meaning and suspense in the artwork.

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